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College of Liberal Arts Students Participate in Panel

Patrick Grainger and Sara Moya
Written by Sierra Tyler

The College of Liberal Arts is not only home to great academics, but also helpful students ready to give advice and recommendations. Two such students–Patrick Grainger and Sara Moya–volunteered to  answer questions about their experiences as students in the College of Liberal Arts at a panel titled “College of Liberal Arts Interest Meeting,” on Bobcat Day in April.

Patrick Grainger, an international studies major with a focus in Asian studies, valued his major for its interdisciplinary nature.

“You aren’t as restricted so you can almost craft your major the way you want to. You can craft your studies in the way you want to. That’s the main draw that you get out of it,” said Grainger.

Grainger stressed that interdisciplinary prepares students for the changing landscape of job market trends toward globalization.

“Currently we live in an age where globalization is a major thing and the more you are able to interact with on an international level, the better you will be for your own benefit and as far as being able to find a career,” said Grainger. “Not just understanding international business but focusing on culture … So many people focus on the hard politics of things, but understanding what makes the people tick and how they think will go a lot longer way in facilitating these conversations internationally.”

Sara Moya, double major in international studies and geography, agreed that interdisciplinary is the international studies program’s greatest strength. Geography, similarly, is great major because it offers many classes to choose from.

“You have human geography which focuses a lot on humans, and then you have physical geography which is very scientific,” said Moya.

Geography offers a great curriculum taught by skilled faculty, and it provides opportunities for students to gain experience in their field.

“Here at Texas State we have a wonderful geography faculty that are very skilled, top of their class. We have the best geography education program in the nation,” said Moya. “All of the out-of- campus activities that geography has really prepares students for the workplace such as going on field trips, doing field work, going to lectures like the AAG conference so there is a lot to offer here in the geography department.”
To learn more about these majors, visit the Center for International Studies and Department of Geography websites.

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