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Cutting-Edge Writers Share About Writing Fiction

Written by Aimee Roundtree

The fiction writing process is an artistic one. But it also involves cultural, political, and philosophical dimensions. How do successful fiction writers do it? Autobiographies and biographies of past greats can give us insight. So can Divergent Trajectories: Interviews with Innovative Fiction Writers (The Ohio State University Press, 2017), a new book written by Dr. Flore Chevaillier, Senior Lecturer in English.

The book is a collection of interviews with cutting-edge authors such as Debra Di Blasi, Percival Everett, Joseph McElroy and Carole Maso, among others, all of whom discuss how authors’ backgrounds, research, aesthetics, understanding of genre and theme, cultural trends, and the literary canon play a part in their writing processes.

“My discussion with each author involves interdisciplinary explorations of literature and philosophy, history, science, technology, visual arts, genetic art, and music,” Chevaillier writes, “These multidisciplinary explorations attempt to give justice to the complexity of today’s literary production and reflect on its future.”

Chevaillier conducted the interviews over a wide period of time, and she chose writers to interview who “reflect on experiments with form and content” and whose work demonstrates a “commitment to innovation.”  The book affords aspiring authors an opportunity to learn from prolific writers about current literary developments in the country, and it gives an intimate look at the way of thinking and writing of vanguard writers.


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