Dr. Patti Giuffre on Women’s Relationships at Work: Women’s History Month in the College of Liberal Arts

On March 8, women around the world celebrated International Women’s Day to recognize women’s contributions to global communities and economies. International Women’s Day challenges us to combat gender inequality and asks us “to champion women of all backgrounds who dare

Dr. Dwonna Goldstone To Give the 2020 Alpha Chi Distinguished Lecture on Feb. 25: Black History Month in the Liberal Arts

From the University Calendar and Newsroom: “The 2020 Alpha Chi Distinguished Lecture will host Dr. Dwonna Goldstone, director of the African American Studies Minor and associate professor of history. Through discussion and conversation, she will address the challenge of speaking

Research on How Literacy Tests Suppressed the Black Vote Wins Technical Communication Award: Black History Month in the Liberal Arts

Voting interference and voter suppression is nothing new. Learning the history of tactics used to suppress the vote can help motivate us to exercise and protect our right to vote now. Dr. Miriam Williams, professor in the Department of English,