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Advice for the Trump Administration on Conservative Internationalism

Written by Aimee Roundtree

Are nationalism and globalism at polar opposite political stances? Political discourse in the news lately might lead you to believe that you can’t put your country first and simultaneously have international benefit in mind.

Ionut Popescu, Assistant Professor of Political Science, argues in a new article, “Conservative Internationalism and the Trump Administration” published in Orbis that, despite Trump’s original nationalist focus, the current administration could follow a more moderate framework that revises rather than replaces traditional conservative foreign policy.

Popescu makes the case that, first, key international decisions by the Trump administrations so far are in alignment with conservative globalism. He writes: “President Trump’s actions in two of the most critical decisions a commander-in-chief can make, the use of military force in Syria and the Afghanistan strategy review, exemplify his willingness to move away from previous rhetoric, “learn while in office,” and ultimately to take actions praised by conservative internationalists.” A lack of consistent foreign policy, Popescu argues, might leave room for flexibility.

Next, Popescu then offers key principles for conservative internationalism, including respecting national sovereignty and skepticism of global governance, but also supporting growth at the domestic and international level. Popescu recommends that the current administration “find an inspiring and uplifting message for this country’s exceptional role on the world stage. That would go a long way towards making America great again.”

The article offers insights for those interested in current and conservative politics.

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